Reshaping Ownership Bridging Liquidity

Fort is a blockchain, NFT, and an asset agnostic protocol, that provides a layer of value assurance for any platform through the hyper interoperability of the FORT transactional bridge.

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What is FORT

FORT introduces the very first Non-Fungible stable Token, that offers a bridge between asset ownership (whether physical or intangible) and liquidity; achieved through the tokenization of its underlying asset.

FORT proposes the first standard for asset backed ownership within the cryptocurrency market through the custodial security and logistics of any token.

Our Ecosystem

The NFT Protocol

FORT is a second layer open source protocol that uses Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) on the Ethereum blockchain, for digitizing, verifying, tracing and securing high value rare assets and financial instruments.

FORT Architecture

Our layer accelerates FORT specific traffic along a network of master nodes, whilst allowing the NFT metadata to still be recorded on the Ethereum blockchain mainnet.

The FORT Difference

Our Products

NFTwerks White-label

NFTwerks is a white-label turnkey solution for enterprise businesses such as financial institutions, auction houses and commercial art galleries.

It provides businesses the ability to launch and operate their own brand specific NFT ecosystem for registering and issuing NFT tokens representing physical assets such as equities, bonds, investment funds, real estate, companies, rare art and many more assets.

NFTwerks Use Cases


Each NFT is represented by the share certificate, allowing for additional liquidity during offline trading. You can now buy or sell shares all 24 hours, and have instant access to liquidity without the help of a broker.

Investment Funds

A Fund is represented by an single NFT and investors can buy into the NFT, by purchasing of sub tokens of the main NFT. Return on investment for sub token holders can be in the range of 6-8%. Dividends are paid according to the funds criteria.

Real Estate

Real estate backed NFTs can be leveraged for any type of financing or refinancing by simply putting up a deed or title as collateral against the loan. Now, asset back lenders with institutional level clearance or a group individuals can issue loans for a 3-4% return on investment.

NFT Terminal

Terminal intuitively branches an agnostic marketplace established for the selling, buying, trading, auctioning and leveraging of all real asset-backed NFTs creating instant liquidity for investor over a stable decentralized platform

Terminal mission is to provide owners and investors of NFTs immediate liquidity, asset backed loans, capital raise leveraging, insurance, escrows, fractional ownership and more.




The Fort Value


With a truly agnostic protocol liquidity for your NFT token is just a few clicks away.


Our trusted in-network custodian trustees will store, verify and audit your asset backed NFTs, giving you that peace of mind your assets are safe and secure.


Fort’s governance is a market solution, generating more trust and transparency in asset management and liquidity creation with verified information, frictionless value exchange and true peer-to-peer models that are commercially viable.

Transparency and Provenance

FORT’s blockchain technology sits on top of an inmutable distribued ledger that is incorruptible and public for all to view. Our in-network validators ensure your NFTs are certified, authentic and properly documented.

Road Map

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